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35 members at CATNIX!

The Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange Point (CATNIX) counts on 35 members, 12 of them connected at 10 Gbps.

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CSUC provides technical and scientific support to all users. At CSUC, you’ll find supercomputers with different architectures and a wide range of specialized programs to satisfy the needs of scientific computing.

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This flexible and reliable infrastructure connects more than 80 R&D-related institutions with different speeds and models of connection. Many associated services are also offered by the Anella. Read more!

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Wherever you are, Eduroam allows millions of students and researchers (R&E) to get network access at any institution connected to this service.

    Success stories

    Functional food

    Lluís Arola, specialized in biochemistry of nutrition, is the coordinator of the research group in Nutrigenomics at the Universitat Rovira Virgili (URV). A part of this group, lead by Gerard Pujadas and Santi Garcia-Vallvé, uses Chemoinformatics tools and techniques to predict natural molecules that could be used as additives in functional foods in the future.