Advanced communication networks are essential to the academic and research world. CSUC manages infrastructure such as the Anella Científica, which offers speed, reliability, security and flexibility.

  • Anella Científica

    We connect academic and research institutions in Catalonia with a high-capacity network known as the Anella Científica. It offers high-speed Internet with native IPv4 and IPv6, dedicated circuits and advanced services, such as multicast.

  • Network Services

    We provide various services that improve network use to maximize benefits through video-conferencing, telephone calls, et cetera.

  • Eduroam

    We make it easier to connect to the Internet when you visit another institution. Eduroam (short for education roaming) is the worldwide secure mobility service developed for the academic and research community.

  • DDoS Mitigation Service

    We have a DDoS mitigation service for the Anella Científica.

  • Security

    We have tools and mechanisms to detect and prevent potential security incidents and to coordinate the resolution of any incidents that may occur.

  • RedIRIS in Catalonia

    We house the Catalan point of presence of the Spanish RedIRIS academic and research network, through which member institutions of the Anella Científica connect to other parts of the Internet.

  • Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange Point: CATNIX

    We streamline communications between people and businesses on the Internet. Telecommunications operators, content and service providers, the Anella Científica and other organizations exchange local traffic on their networks in Catalonia through CATNIX.