Direct Access

The Direct Access Service (SAD) provides Internet access to institutions connected to the Anella Científica that are not members of RedIRIS, such as science and technology parks. It can also be used by university, research or information society institutions to host websites or to house servers that do not require RedIRIS access.

The Anella Científica's membership policy is in some respects different from RedIRIS's policy. For this reason, institutions that CSUC approves for connection to the Anella Científica cannot access the Internet via the RedIRIS network if they do not fulfill the requirements of RedIRIS.

Direct access allows these institutions to connect through other Internet access points of the Anella Científica, such as commercial lines and CATNIX.


The monthly charge for Internet access through the SAD is €2.50/Mbit/s.


For more information on how this service operates: anella [dot] serveisatsuport [dot] csuc [dot] cat

If you wish to contract this service: gorka [dot] roldanatcsuc [dot] cat