Voice over Internet on the Anella Científica

The Voice over Internet on the Anella Científica (VIA) service allows institutions located outside the province of Barcelona to use the infrastructure of the Anella Científica to make calls to Barcelona from outside the province at the cost of a metropolitan or provincial call.

To configure this service, an institution must install a card in its telephone switchboard and a router to send traffic through the Anella Científica.

On a user level, this service works alongside the traditional telephone so that universities do not have to greatly modify their installations or purchase new terminals. The user still has a conventional telephone and call addressing is automatic.

The VIA service has been operational since 2003.


The charge for the VIA service is not included in the membership charge as it is a specific service for institutions not located in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

The monthly charge is €321.55.


For further information: anella [dot] serveisatsuport [dot] csuc [dot] cat