We encourage the implementation of electronic administration (e-Administration) in universities across platforms for shared services such as voting and electronic registration of documents.

  • Digital Certification

    A digital certificate is an electronic document which allows users to identify themselves and act with full legal validity in digital environments.

  • Technological evidences

    We have an e-logs platform for your custody.

  • Preserving Digital Documents

    We offer the universities a shared digital archiving platform to preserve digital objects.

  • Registration of incoming and outgoing documents

    We offer universities a shared platform for the telematic registration of all incoming and outgoing documents.

  • Electronic Voting

    The electronic voting platform (e-Vot) makes it possible to carry out elections and consultations electronically and to incorporate all of the universities' electoral models.

  • PCCD

    The Digital Certificates Custody Platform (PCCD) allows users to manage and use in a secure, controlled and centralized way the digital certificates from universities.

  • Interoperability

    We have an interoperability platform data transmission of data and electronic documents from universities.

  • Interuniversity program manager

    We offer an Interuniversity Program Management platform to make its execution easier.

  • Classification chart

    We offer a Classification Chart platform as well as we provide the necessary support to use it.

  • Document Management

    We offer a platform that allows universities to have one of the essential components of the document management and archiving system.