Joint Procurement

Having a specific approach for each purchase, we offer a service for the joint procurement of services, both ICT and general, to improve the efficiency and efficacy on the contracting and acquisition of services of participating institutions. 

  • Description and Use

    We offer a specialized service to save and improve the management in the acquisition of goods and services through the participation and collaboration of universities and surrounding entities.

  • Electricity

    We intend to continue achieving the best prices and to share knowledge, experience and talent within the purchasing group to contribute to the energy transformation of universities.

  • Natural gas

    We pursue the maximum economic benefit for the group, with emphasis on the management of the performance contract.

  • Printing and reprography

    We jointly contract the printing and exploitation and management service of reprography centers, with a quality-service follow-up during all life of the contract.

  • Workplace

    Standardization of ICT infrastructures and homogenization of some of their services are the main objectives of CSUC's workplace service.

  • Telecommunications

    We jointly contract corporate telecommunications services, as well as other maintenance and support services, with a quality-service follow-up during all life of contract.

  • Datacenter

    We jointly contract the datacenter service to optimize services, share resources and to get savings, among others. We support universities during the service recruitment, as well as during the follow-up of conditions, its evolution and quality.

  • Plagiarism detection

    We offer the plagiarism detection and prevention service to all participating institutions to promote and strengthen high academic and research quality.

  • Audiovisual Equipment

    We seek the standardization of audiovisual equipment for class support and other university and research centers environments, promoting the homogenization of some of the services and facilitating the purchase of equipment by adhered entities.

  • Cleaning service, DDD and waste collection

    We offer the joint procurement of ordinary and extraordinary cleaning services and of ordinary disinfection, pest control and anti-rat extermination.

  • Laboratory gases

    We're working to provide users with an agile and flexible framework agreement to supply laboratory gases to universities and research centers.