Audiovisual Equipment

The framework agreement for audiovisual equipment, formalized in 2017, launches a new integrated model that allows participating entities to be provided at maximum fixed prices with classroom and recording equipment. Authorized companies provide also associated services to certain equipment or events that may require the services.

There are two types of supply: purchase or renting.


  • Standardization of the audiovisual equipment required by universities and participating institutions.
  • Homogenization of the associated services of provision, installation, network connection and configuration with operability verification, removal of equipment, guarantee, preventive and corrective maintenance outside guarantee, training and timely support actions.
  • Significant savings thanks to the maximum fixed prices set by the framework agreement.
  • Stability and technological update of the equipment offered throughout the contract.
  • Ease in the procurement process of equipment and services:
    • Invitation via mail to all bidders.
    • Proposals within 5 days.

The purchasing group is currently formed by 9 universities (UB, UAB, UPC, UPF, UdL, UdG, URV, UOC, UVic-UCC) and CSUC. Research groups that are part of the Institució Centres de Recerca de Catalunya (I-CERCA) and centers affiliated to public universities can benefit from this framework agreement.

This framework agreement has an initial duration of two years (July 2017 – July 2019), extendable for two periods of one year. New institutions can be added. 

Authorized companies

Room equipment:

NRD Multimedia, S.L.
Tecknoservice, S.L.
ID Grup, S.A.
Comercial de Entécnica, S.L.

Recording equipment:

NRD Multimedia, S.L.


Gorka Roldan
Customers and Projects Unit Manager
+34 93 205 6454
gorka [dot] roldanatcsuc [dot] cat