Iinterlibrary Loan (ILL)

ILL is a service that allows users from libraries borrowing items from any other libraries and also request copies. This is managed through the ILL services from each institution.

The libraries of consorciated institutions use PUC, but ILL services are valid for obtaining copies, circulation of documents that are not provided through the PUC (eg.: recommended literature, reference books, magazines or old books), and interlibrary loan requests by CSUC members and associated institutions that are not incorporated in the PUC service or interlibrary loan requests from other members of CCUC and institutions outside the CSUC.

How to make a request:

  • From the CCUC (click on Where to find it)
  • From the interface PUC interface (by clicking + Biblioteques)
  • From the website of each institution

Contact adresses of CCUC interlibrary loan services:


  • For the user: it is decided by each institution.
  • Internally between CBUC institutions: agreed annually.

Regulation and agreements:

  • Reglament pel préstec interbibliotecari entre les institucions del CBUC (in Catalan)
  • Acord de les institucions col·laboradores del CCUC (in Catalan)