Conditions of use

Most of the electronic information resources from the Digital Library of Catalonia (Biblioteca Digital de Catalunya, BDC, in Catalan) are business related and their access is being regulated by a contract or license of use that stipulates which are the permitted users and uses. These licenses are negotiated and established between the Libraries, Information and Documentation Area of CSUC, and the supplier, following the international praxis on cosortium hiring as well as taking into account the number and features of the participant institutions in that agreement. BDC is mainly composed of electronic journals collections of leading international scholars and scientists.

CSUC's natural activity is focused on research and Catalan university teaching, but it can also value the inclusion of other types of institutions. Interested institutions in having electronic access to BDC's paid content must contact CSUC, which would negotiate with BDC's suppliers the economic conditions fo the incorporation of new institutions.

Any new participant institution in a BDC agreement gets engaged to:

  • Sign an agreement or order management with CSUC (as appropiate)

  • Make the corresponding financial contribution

  • Respect the terms and conditions of the contracts signed by CSUC with its suppliers

For its part, CSUC offers:

  • Economic advantages: lower price/informatió

  • Dialogue with suppliers in case of any technical incidence

  • Support and formation