Digital Memory of Catalonia (MDC)

Digital Memory of Catalonia (MDC) is a cooperative repository where can be consulted, in open access, digitized collections of Catalan ancient journals, photographs, maps, posters, ex-libris, etc. related to Catalonia.

The main purpose of the MDC is to increase the visibility and consultation of the special and heritage collections of libraries in Catalonia. It prioritises the inclusion of the most unique and exceptional documents, and those likely be consulted by a larger number of users. This goal is achieved due to the following objectives:

  • Promoting the Catalan heritage digitization
  • Highlighting some collections which, due to its rarity or physical condition, are restricted or difficult to access.
  • Being the interface that allows to query this heritage together
  • Providing the tools for its preservation


If you want to take part in MDC or you need more information you can contact mdcatcsuc [dot] cat.