HPC & Cloud

At CSUC, we help researchers to advance in their work. We give them access to infrastructures which support research, and we offer them platforms for searching and disseminating the scientific activity generated.

  • Supercomputing

    We make it possible for researchers to do the complex calculations required for their research.

  • Drug Design

    We help academic research groups and pharmaceutical laboratories to design new medicines more efficiently.

  • Cloud infrastructure

    We offer cloud infrastructure to meet academic and research institutions application needs in a flexible pay per use mode.

  • Identity federation (UNIFICAT)

    We offer a trust scheme to the Catalan university and research community to exchange information on their users' digital identity in a secure, honest and confidential way.

  • Virtualization and Application Markets

    We offer to universities the capacity to develop an application market with a personalized cloud delivery model.

  • Cloud disk (UNIDisc)

    We offer a cloud storage service, UNIDisc, for Catalan education and research.

  • Intellectual Property Management

    We offer an intellectual property manager to administer the patents.

  • Projects and Collaborations

    We participate on R&D and innovation projects and collaborate on research initiatives, both public and private.