Identity federation (UNIFICAT)

Since 1 February 2017, the identity federation for the Catalan university and research community provides to all participating organizations a trust relationship between them to exchange information on their users' digital identity in a secure way, preserving the integrity and confidentiality of this information. 

The identity federation is an infrastructure for online collaboration that gives access to a range of services through their institutional account. Authentication, authorization, group management and privacy and security agreements are organized centrally. The identity federation makes life easier: you only need to make one connection, rather than one for each service. 

The identity federation enables your institution to integrate internal and external online services. This gives users single sign-on access to the online services they need. 

The identity federation follows international models such as eduGAIN, that interconnects identity federations around the world, or REFEDS, that articulates the mutual needs of research and education identity federations worldwide.