Since December 2014, CSUC jointly contracts corporate telecommunications services, both fixed and mobile, as well as other services of maintenance and support. The objective is to make the technological evolution of this service easy, and to homogenize the technical solutions implemented at universities with the best technical and economical conditions. 

Nine universities (UB, UAB, UPC, UPF, UdL, UdG, UOC, URL-IQS and UVic-UCC) and three research centers (PCT of the UdG, CRG and IRBB) are provided with these services right now. 



  • Reduce and omptimize the current costs of telecommunications services (first allotment achieved savings of 14.7%).
  • Evolve towards a model of unified telecommunications services, with a gradual migration to IP systems and IP telephony. 

How it works?

Telecommunications services are divided into four big blocks:

  1. Interconnection services of buildings and fixed telephony. It includes the supply of transfer circuits with their equipment and the traffic management of fixed telephony, incoming and outgoing, and to and from the network operator. Indeed, technology of the landline service will be updated according to the agreement between each university and the provider. 
  2. Mobile voice and data services. They include the provision of mobile telephony services and the provision and renewal of terminals. Indeed, both landline and mobile telephony services will be integrated into the university network. 
  3. Maintenance of analog telephony equipment. It includes the maintenance of existing switchboards at universities and their associated specific equipment. 
  4. Maintenance of IP telephony equipment: maintenance management of existing equipment, switchboards and IP terminals of universities.


Gorka Roldan
Customers and Projects Unit Manager
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